Solutions: Training Services

iiNTT offers a wide range of OHS Maintenance Inspection related training programs. These training programs as listed below:

  • First aid training courses at All Levels - On-Site at your workplace or at one of our venues
    • C.P.R.
    • Emergency Life Support (Level 1)
    • Provide First Aid (Level 2)
    • Education and Care First Aid
    • Advanced First Aid
    • Advanced Resuscitation
    • Occupational First Aid (Level 3)
    • Anaphylaxis Management
    • Asthma Management

  • Fire Safety and Emergency Response training is delivered by affiliates, in partnership with iiNexus Test and Tag
    • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) Training
    • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Training
    • Fire Panel/Communication System Training
    • Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training
    • Fire Extinguisher / First Attack Fire-fighting Training
    • Occupant and Visitor Training

Our programs are tailored to your needs and generally last from a half day to two-days. Our instructors are ready to deliver the following training programs on or off-site to your managers, supervisors, emergency crisis personnel, first aiders, safety representatives, Health and Safety Committee members, employees, or contractors.

We also have the ability to develop customized workplace-specific training programs. Workplace-specific policies and procedures can be integrated into the training programs delivered where required. Please contact us for more details, if you have any other questions about our training capabilities.

If you require further information please Contact iiNTT NOW!