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Smoke Alarm Testing & Batteries Changes

Smoke Alarm testing and batteries changes is an essential part of Health & Safety for any employer. As with emergency lighting installations, smoke alarm installations are considered to be a "Life Service" thus requiring special attention in order to provide safe assistance in the event of an emergency.

Legal requirements within the Workplace Health and Safety Acts require that all systems are kept maintained and operational should such a system be required in the event of an emergency.

Over time a smoke alarms batteries become worn and the detector becomes clogged with dirt and dust. To ensure the safety of employees, the duty holder must ensure that periodic checks are undertaken to ensure the functionality of the system.

To proves it works as required to meet AS3786. Our smoke alarm testing process includes:

  • Inspect and clean
  • Battery replacement
  • Manual smoke alarm push button test
  • Replacement of alarm when approaching n10 years of age or expiry date
  • Decibel sound pressure test
  • Artificial live smoke test

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