Solutions: Complementary OHS Maintenance Inspection Services

iiNTT can provide a range of value added services to our clients including:

1. First Aid Assessments

First aid requirements will vary from one workplace to the next, depending on the nature of the work, the type of hazards, the workplace size and location, as well as the number of people at the workplace. These factors must be taken into account when deciding what first aid arrangements need to be provided.

Our clients seeks our help in conducting the first aid assessments of their workplace to determine their self assessed workplace rating of "Low Risk“ or “High Risk” under the Safe Work Australia First Aid Code of Practice.

Using a risk management approach to tailor first aid that suits the circumstances of your workplace, the risk management approach involves the following four steps:

  1. Identify potential causes of workplace injury and illness
  2. Assess the risk of workplace injury and illness
  3. What first aid is required (staff, equipment, procedure, facilities)
  4. Review the effectiveness of the first aid management program
2. First Aid Kits Refills

We offer first aid kit refills services to our clients. We will ensure you will always have fully stock first aid kits through our regular OHS maintenance inspection services program.

First Aid kit items should be replaced once depleted to ensure that your first aid kit is ready for the next emergency. Out of Date or expired products need to be replaced to ensure that they work when needed.

3. Pre & Post Real Estate (lease) Health, Safety & Environment transaction survey and reports
4. Health, Safety & Environment Due Diligence service. Coming soon.
5. Annual Essential Safety Measures Inspection Audits

We provides essential safety measures inspections and auditing services that comply with local statutory requirements, the Building Code of Australia, and with the results presented in our State-based essential safety measures inspections compliant logbooks

6. Electrical Safety Inspections

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