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iiNTT is a division of iiNexus Global Pty. Ltd with our head office based in Melbourne. Family operated OHS maintenance inspection services company. When we first stated we began offering electrical testing and tagging services, as we saw the requirements and need for this services across organisations nationally. While conducting this services, we wanted to be able to assist our clients with all their OHS maintenance needs.

From this, we added additional services. We now specialised in conducting all the basic inspection and maintenance requirements organisation need to ensure well-maintained equipment and a safe work environment. We achieve this through high quality testing with detailed reports and excellent customer service.

All of our compliance technicians are qualified and competent with a desire and passion to assist our clients within our certifications. We have built strong relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers, which has allowed us to confidently offer their extra services to our clients.

Our goal through OHS maintenance inspection services is to ensure equipment and workplaces are as safe as possible, with the least amount of effort and worry on our client's behalf. iiNTT have found that many organisations use separate business to conduct all these works.

iiNTT mission is to be provide all the necessary services and products under one umbrella for our clients so they will only have to deal with one company and have peace of mind that their OHS requirements are met.

iiNexus Global Pty. Ltd team.

iiNexus Global Pty. Ltd, an established consultancy that provides specialised and comprehensive range of Health, Safety, Environmental & Risk (HSE&R) services for a diverse range of clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the Australia and Asia Pacific.

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