About iiNexus Test and Tag

iiNexus Test and Tag (iiNTT) is an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Maintenance Inspection services company. When we first started we began offering electrical testing and tagging services, as we saw the requirements and need for this services across organisations nationally. While conducting this services, we wanted to be able to assist our clients with all their OHS Maintenance needs. From this, we added additional services. We now specialised in conducting all the basic inspection and maintenance requirements organisation need to ensure well-maintained equipment and a safe work environment. We achieve this through high quality testing with detailed reports and excellent customer service. Are you compliant?

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Experience & Skills

Our compliance technicians are qualified to all Australian Standards, and between them they have many years’ experience in the electrical sector, and are trained to offer unrivalled customer service, quality and professionalism

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Specialised Advice

iiNTT compliance technicians partner our clients throughout their life’s journey with specialised advisory solutions. iiNTT are a market leading and nationwide supplier of diverse range of OHS Maintenance Inspection services and compliance packages.

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iiNexus Test & Tag Packages

Refreshingly transparent fees packages that help meet our client’s objectives. With presence in all our major cities across Australia and our customers based all over the Australia, we are never too far away from your commercial or industrial property.

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Why Choose Us?

Build a trusted, enduring relationship with your chosen iiNTT compliance technician, in the knowledge that our tailored solutions are transparently priced to allow you to meet your financial and compliance objectives. Our solutions understand and value that each of our client’s level of compliances may vary, therefore we partner this journey by providing guidance, not instruction, to inform and empower financial decisions.

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We Provide OHS Maintenance Inspection Solutions For A Range Of Industries:

Office Buildings | Factory Units | Storage Facilities | Construction Sites | Bed & Breakfasts | Industrial Units | Shopping Centres | Child Care Centres | Tourist Accommodation | Hospitals | Aged Care Facilities | Disability Care | Warehouses | Resorts | Schools | Hotels | Clubs | Pubs